Lower Macungie, Upper Macungie anticipate $38 million in sewer improvements

From The Morning Call on Aug. 5, 2016:

The municipal members of a Lehigh County regional sewage system have until the end of 2017 to finalize a federally mandated plan for stopping sewer overflows.

But if a preliminary cash flow analysis holds up, Lower Macungie and Upper Macungie townships will spend a combined $38 million on the initial phase, expected to wrap up in 2025.

That probably won’t result in as steep sewer hikes as those anticipated in neighboring Macungie and Alburtis boroughs. The townships don’t have to rehabilitate nearly as high a proportion of their systems during the first phase because a lot of the piping in their respective collection systems is newer. Plus, they’ve already spent millions targeting sources of leakage since the Environmental Protection Agency and state Department of Environmental Protection ordered more than a dozen municipalities to address sewer overflows in 2009.

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Macungie, Alburtis plan for spending on sewer improvements

From The Morning Call on Aug. 3, 2016:

The first phase of a federally mandated sewer rehabilitation project will cost Macungie $6.6 million over eight years, according to a preliminary financial analysis.

The project, part of a regionwide effort to eliminate sewer overflows and comply with a 2009 administrative order, will more than double Macungie’s annual sewer expenditures from 2018 to 2025. Sewer rates, suffice to say, will rise sharply. […]

Macungie’s neighbor, Alburtis, will spend $2.3 million over the same period, which if spread equally year to year would increase its annual sewer expenditures approximately two-thirds.

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Allentown approves borrowing for sewer repairs

From The Morning Call on Aug. 1, 2016:

Residents of Allentown can expect to see a small change in their water and sewer bills with Allentown City Council’s approval of $2.5 million in borrowing for upgrades to the system.

The debt, which council approved last week, is needed to pay for an administrative order from the Environmental Protection Agency. Allentown and surrounding municipalities have been ordered to come up with and implement a plan to stop sewage from overflowing into Lehigh County water sources.

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LCA, municipalities plan to rehab sewage system

From The Morning Call on July 11, 2016:

Most of the sewer overflows from a regional sewage system in Lehigh County have occurred along the Little Lehigh Creek in Allentown.

But the leakage that overwhelms the system leads back to the western end of the county — mainly Upper Macungie and Lower Macungie townships.

Ratepayers there and in Alburtis and Macungie boroughs will pick up the initial $32 million tab of a much costlier long-term plan to rehabilitate the sewer system and comply with a federal order.

From 2018 to 2025, the four municipalities — part of the Western Lehigh Sewerage Partnership — will continue ongoing efforts to seal leaky pipes, where stormwater gets into the sewage system. The goal: Remove more than a quarter of the sources.

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LCA approves ‘test and seal’ project on sewer line

From The Morning Call on May 10, 2016:

The Lehigh County Authority is taking the next step toward reducing stream-polluting sewage caused by sanitary sewer line overflows.

The nonprofit utility Monday approved a $2 million project to seal leaky pipes in the most vulnerable sections of the sewage collection systems servicing western Lehigh County and a single North Whitehall Township development.

LCA has spent about $3.95 million since 2008 trying to identify the sources of infiltration and inflow and figuring out how to remove them. But this is the first major construction project related to Environmental Protection Agency orders calling for the elimination of sewer overflows.

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