Emmaus adds fee to fund sewer improvements

From The Morning Call on Dec. 19, 2016:

Emmaus Borough Council on Monday approved a final 2017 budget that includes a 6.8 percent tax hike and a new sewer fee of $49 a year.

The sewer fee will go toward covering federally mandated improvements to the sewer system aimed at preventing stormwater from entering the system and causing overflows at the wastewater treatment plant in Allentown. Several municipalities in Lehigh County are enacting similar increases to pay for the infrastructure upgrades required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to prevent raw sewage from getting into the Little Lehigh Creek following heavy rains.

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Lower Macungie raises sewer rates to pay for improvements

From The Morning Call on Dec. 19, 2016:

Lower Macungie Township residents will see their sewer rates rise 15 percent in 2017 but their real estate taxes will stay the same. […]

The 15 percent sewer rate increase is needed to pay for infrastructure improvements required by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, according to Township Manager Bruce Fosselman.

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Macungie plans for sewer renovations, raises rates

From The Morning Call on Dec. 7, 2016:

Macungie approved a 2017 budget that has no property tax increase, but will still cost residents a little more.

Fixed sewer rates will double with a nearly $45 per quarter hike to pay for renovations to the sewer system that are mandated by state and federal environmental agencies.

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